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Since 1975, Melvin Weaver & Sons has helped growers in their decision-making processes for product selection and crop advice. See how our family-owned business has grown to better serve growers and retailers like you.

Our Mission

We strive to create a strong partnership with growers and independent retailers, provide exceptional service and expertise, show honesty and integrity in all business operations, and share God’s love with others.

Our Values

Listening to our customers
Building relationships
Dedication to customer service
Honesty and integrity
Love and respect for everyone
Sharing God's love

Our History

In 1972, Melvin Weaver was working for a local company in Lancaster selling smoked meats and cheeses. About this time, Mel had an opportunity to become a distributor for the Conklin Company—manufacturer of the surfactant, Wex. Mel began selling Wex to ag customers. These customers enquired about chemicals often purchased in conjunction with Wex. Mel found a source for these products, and the foundation for what would become Melvin Weaver Spray Materials was in place.

In 1975, Mel resigned his position selling meats and cheeses and went full-time into ag sales. He started out using a 53-foot trailer as his warehouse. When this storage space got full, Mel added a second trailer, and then eventually a third.

In 1977, Melvin Weaver Spray Materials moved to Leabrook Rd, Lancaster, PA. Mel built a 36’ x 60’ warehouse and started working from his new location. For the first few years, Mel advertised in a local farming newspaper. As the business grew, he relied only on word-of-mouth advertisement. The company’s retail side was conducted on a cash and carry policy—this transactional policy is still in effect today.

Mel did everything himself for the first few years—the purchasing, product sales, pulling orders, deliveries, and accounting. The business grew, and he hired his first employee in 1980. Over the years, growth continued, and he added additional employees.

Mel’s faith in God was the foundation of his business and his relationships with clients. He built trust with his customers. Many of these relationships were built over the phone with growers from all over the Northeast region.

Mel and his wife Norma raised their six children—Wes, Kev, Dwane, Joanne, Sharon, and Linford at the Leabrook Road location. Many family members were involved in helping with the business.

After Dwane graduated from school, he worked full-time as Mel’s right-hand man. His responsibilities included purchasing, pricing, and general management. When Linford finished school, he started off with split roles between the warehouse and office. And in a few years graduated to full-time office responsibilities.

To recognize the company’s growing family involvement, Mel changed the company name to Melvin Weaver & Sons in 2000. Then, in 2010, Dwane and Linford became partners in the company. In 2011, they developed and added the PowerAG line of micronutrients and adjuvants to Melvin Weaver & Sons. In 2020, Dwane and Linford bought the remaining shares of the company from Mel.

In 2021, Dwane passed away after fighting cancer for 3 years. His legacy, leadership, and contribution to our business will never be forgotten. All of us, including customers and sales reps, will miss his humor and engaging personality. Through the relationships that he built, Dwane left an impact on peoples’ lives that will always be remembered.

God has blessed us so much over the years. Our goal is to continue the faith and trust that Mel established when he founded the company. We are thankful for exceptional customers and key, dedicated employees who have helped us build a successful business.

A Timeline of Melvin Weaver & Sons


Mel became a Conklin distributor, selling a surfactant called Wex


Melvin Weaver Spray Materials founded


Purchased the Leabrook Rd property and built the 36’ x 60’ warehouse


Built the 50’ x 80’ warehouse


Started selling bulk chemicals


Built the 40’ x 60’ bulk facility


Built the 68’ x 90’ warehouse


Built the 52’ x 119’ warehouse


Built the 70′ x 200′ warehouse


Changed the name to Melvin Weaver & Sons


Built addition onto bulk room, increased the ceiling height, and added larger tanks to bring our bulk capacity up to 100,000 gallons


Dwane and Linford became partners


Developed the PowerAG line of products


Built a 2nd bulk room that added another 150,000 gal capacity


Built the 100’ x 168’ warehouse.


Demoed the old homestead, garage, and front warehouse. Built a 34,000-square-foot warehouse, including new office areas and storefront.

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Our Location

The headquarters and warehouse for Melvin Weaver & Sons are located in the heart of Lancaster County. From this location, we deliver products to wholesale and larger grower accounts, and ship products throughout the northeastern United States. We welcome you to stop by our location to meet our team and pick up your order.

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