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Retail Space, Warehouse, and Bulk Facility

Our Lancaster, PA location has a customer service center, warehousing & storage for our packaged materials, and a bulk repack facility. Our distribution center allows us to stock and secure products far ahead of the season so that we can focus on sales and getting the product to our customers in the spring.

Our facility features:

  • 6,000 sq ft of offices and retail space
  • 85,000 sq ft of warehouse space
  • 245,000 gal of bulk chemical storage

Robotic Tank Filling System

In 2019, we installed a robotic tank filling system to fill our mini-bulk tanks more safely and efficiently. The robot prevents personal contact with vapors from the filling process. It also has doubled our efficiency from the previous system and our bulk manager can prep the next tank while the current one is filling.

Shipping & Logistics

Our facility helps us to accommodate the needs of our larger growers and wholesale accounts with shipping and logistics support. While delivery with one of our trucks may be limited, we can also ship through common carriers, or product is available for pickup. Contact us for more information on shipping options.


“Easy in and easy out. Cleanest facilities I’ve visited in quite some time and a great group of people as well.”

Maurice Frank

Truck Driver

“One of the nicest places to deliver. FCFS. Clean Facility. Nice people. Overnight parking 👍👍👍”

Inderpal Kaila

Truck Driver

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If you live near Lancaster County or are visiting the region, stop by to meet our team, get product advice, and pick up your order.

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