For over 45 years, the team at Melvin Weaver & Sons has been guiding growers and retailers with useful agronomical information. Here you will find some of our recommended resources that may help answer some of your questions for this year’s crop decisions.

Agronomy Insights

Keep up to date with tips from the field from our agronomist. Be proactive in identifying pests, diseases, and crop stress. Agronomy Insights reports provide solutions that benefit your decision-making process.

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Agrian Label Search

Agrian’s free label lookup is the industry’s top resource for access to manufacturer-approved label PDFs. This resource also houses supporting documents with crop-specific information.

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Penn State Agronomy Guide

The Agronomy Guide provides comprehensive information for managing crop and soil health, weeds, pests, diseases, and many other challenges that growers face in the Northeast.

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Mid-Atlantic Commercial Vegetable Production Recommendations

The Mid-Atlantic Commercial Vegetable Production Recommendations is a guide for commercial vegetable growers in the Mid-Atlantic region to make decisions on production, soil, nutrient, disease, and pest management.

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We stock a large selection of agricultural chemistry from over 35 manufacturers that services crop protection, aquatics, organics, greenhouse and nursery, turf and ornamental, and vegetation management. Even if we don’t stock it, we most likely have access to it.

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