Meet Our Team

The team at Melvin Weaver & Sons has decades of experience helping growers make agronomical decisions for their crops.

Linford Weaver

Partner / General Manager

Linford grew up in the family business and knew from an early age that he wanted to make it his career. He graduated from school and joined the business in 2000. Linford is the general manager and handles the purchasing and pricing.

Linford enjoys spending time with his wife and six boys. He also enjoys hunting as a hobby.

Shawn Miller

Financial Manager

Shawn was born and raised in Iowa and then attended college in Ohio, where he met his wife Susan, who was from Pennsylvania. They were married and lived in Ohio for several years before moving to Central PA to work for a custom application business. In 2004, Shawn and Susan moved to Lancaster County and began working for Melvin Weaver & Sons. His role involves reporting to various agencies, company financial oversight, and speaking with customers on product selection.

Shawn and Susan have three children, and Shawn enjoys spending time golfing and running.

Derek Weaver

Logistics Manager

Derek joined Melvin Weaver & Sons in 2016 and is Dwane’s oldest son. He oversees dispatching trucks, lining up LTL shipments, and helping with customer service by answering phones.

Derek loves traveling, seeing new places, and observing different cultures.

Davon Weaver

Marketing Manager / Sales

Davon started working at Melvin Weaver and Sons in 2018, a year after graduating from high school. He is Dwane’s 2nd to oldest son. During his first two years with the company, he worked primarily in the warehouse, filling customer and UPS orders. In 2020, Davon’s role transitioned more to office duties and answering phone calls, and customer sales at the front counter.

When he is not at work, he enjoys spending time with his wife and playing volleyball.

Dervin Druist


Dervin joined our team in 2016 as an agronomist and consultant. Before his hire with Melvin Weaver & Sons, he worked for Syngenta as an agronomist and technician, working with both seed traits and chemistry. His broad knowledge has been a great asset to our customers.

Dervin enjoys spending time with his family in the great outdoors on their farmette—gardening, tending their flower gardens, and feeding steers.

Joel Slaymaker

Bulk Manager

Joel started with Melvin Weaver & Sons in 1998, managing our bulk facility. He unloads the incoming bulk tankers, fills mini-bulk tanks during the year, and at the end of the season, he washes and maintains all the tanks. In 2017 we added a custom-built robotic washer for our mini-bulk tanks. Two years later, we installed a customized robotic tank filler to create a safer and more efficient way to fill tanks.

Joel enjoys fixing things and making improvements at work and home. He runs a trucking business on the side. Joel, along with his wife and four children, help to run their family’s poultry farm. He also enjoys boating and fishing on the Susquehanna River.

Mark Horst

Customer Sales Counter

Mark has worked here since 2009 is one of the faces behind the customer sales counter whom you will most likely meet when you visit us. He enjoys waiting on customers, assisting with their decisions, and answering their questions, especially on the vegetable production side. He has been a crop farmer for over 20 years and specializes in fresh market tomato production.

His hobbies include boating, crabbing, fishing, duck hunting, and anything else related to the beautiful Chesapeake Bay!

Greg Musser

Customer Sales Counter

Greg joined our team in 2015. He works at the customer sales counter from March through July and enjoys helping customers with their crop protection needs and questions. Greg and his wife Lafaye, along with their six children, live nearby on a 78-acre farm. Greg loves doing trials on his row crops with PowerAG products.

The other months of the year, he enjoys working with his employees and running his excavating business, which he started in 2006. In his leisure time, he loves spending time in the outdoors with his family.

Chad Beiler

PowerAG Sales Representative

Chad joined PowerAG in 2020 as a sales representative. His previous experience has been in agriculture (seed sales, crop protection products, and building reliable agronomic programs for his customers). Chad loves the challenge of helping growers succeed by increasing productivity and adding to the overall return on investment.

Aside from work, he enjoys spending time with his family. Some of his favorite recreational activities are camping, biking, and yard games.


Order Fulfillment

Our warehouse staff pulls truckloads of product, LTL pallets, and customer orders every day. Their attention to detail and long working hours is part of how our product gets to the farm gate and retailer, neatly stacked and on-time. Many people comment that our floors are so clean, you could eat off them! These are the guys who keep the warehouse so neat and tidy.


Truck Drivers

Our truck drivers get satisfaction in keeping Melvin Weaver & Sons trucks clean and shining. We deliver within a six-hour radius of our location and use LTL or other trucking companies to ship beyond this distance.

Get Help with Product Recommendations

Our team is ready with product recommendations and advice to address weed and disease problems or nutrient demands.

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